сряда, 3 февруари 2016 г.

Relationships in University can be misunderstood... Love or Friendship?

  - Love is in the air..., or it's all friendship? -  

Two of the cutest boy and girl at the Medical University of Plovdiv - Todor Gasharov and Mariela Tabakova shared this photo in Facebook three months ago. It seems like they are engaged, why?, because we see, that Mariela wears a diamond ring on her ring finger. It has a hearing in the university in November, last year, that the two have a relationship... Does these hearings are true? I think not. I know them from a long time and they have said everytime, that they are just friends, nothing else. Even that, I'm not quite sure about that... I'll keep watching them, because you know gossip never dies!


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