сряда, 3 февруари 2016 г.

Lady Gaga just made a big announcement!

  - GaGa is the hotspot in our eyes again! -  

Lady Gaga just made a big announcement. She told the secret, that she will be performing at the SUPER BOWL this year. Little monsters are happy as hell. The whole internet explodes of happiness hour after the announcement. Is this year Lady GAGA will continue the "TELEPHONE"Saga with Beyoncé? This is one of the hardest questions for Mother Monster. In interview from the last year she said, that Telephone is one of non-favorite videos she has made. Does that mean she's not friend with Beyoncé anymore, or it is because the drama she had, while shooting the video? It's a secret still for everyone. But back on the Top New. Lady Gaga will blow up her fans and the public of Super Bowl. Can't wait...


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