1) Who or what inspires you to make ASMR videos?
- I was very scared to make an ASMR channel at first but everyone was motivating me to make one! Mainly because they found me entertaining and thought I would do a great job. It wasn't until one of my favorite YouTubers The ASMR Circus told me to do it, that I actually made one. She truly made me feel like I can be just as popular as her if not more. I love her for helping me make this amazing decision.

2) You have great talent! We saw it when we watched your RolePlay videos. What is your big dream? Tell us more about it!
- Thank You! Well my dream is to be an actor. Ever since I was younger I was that kid that was jumping off the walls and in front of cameras. I loved every second of the attention I got whenever I was trying to entertain. YouTube is an amazing way to entertain so many people at once and gain a following which is one of the most crucial steps to become and actor. 

3) What are your future plans? What is your opinion about the music, movie and fashion industry? In which one you'd like to develop yourself?
- My plans are to continue what I am doing now and grow. Continue surprising my viewers, taking their feedback, and molding my channel into something that almost anyone would enjoy to watch. I love the movie industry. Like I said in my second answer I dream of one day becoming a world famous actor and I will not stop until I reach that goal.

4) Who are your idols and role models?
- Definitely Jim Carrey is one of my idols that I strive to be like. I get many people that I've met in my life telling me that I remind them of him and it makes me so incredibly happy because it means I'm doing something right haha. I'm gonna go cheesy here and say my mom is my role model. Although I strive to ACT like Jim Carrey no one will ever top my moms willingness to never give up on something she's passionate about. That is the kind of determination I want to be successful in life.

5) What were your emotions, when you saw your 500 subscribers on YouTube? Did you discover a name for your fans?
- I was shocked that so quickly I gained a pretty big following. It made me so inspired to continue making videos for these people that actually watch and enjoy my videos. I love every single one of my subscribers however sadly I don't have a name yet haha maybe I'll let my subscribers vote on it! Haha.

6) Who gave you the idea to start an YouTube channel and how the idea of ASMR came?
- The idea of making a YOUTUBE channel came from almost everyone I met. They would all say "You remind me of one of those YouTube famous people! You should make one!". That always motivated me however ASMR came once The ASMR Circus motivated me.

7) Who are your favorite ASMR artists?
- Ephemeral Rift was my first ever ASMR channel I came across, but I've grown to love The ASMR Circus and Gibi ASMR. They are both super lovely and friendly girls! I strive to be as friendly as the girls and as creative and demented as Rift haha.

8) You are a big fan of horror movies. If you could be a villain/killer for one day, which one would you choose?
- I would definitely pick Freddy Krueger. Although Jason Voorhees is my favorite slasher Freddy just seems to have more fun. Now that sounds like a bloody good time.

Fan Questions:

1) What are your hobbies?
- I love to entertain and make people laugh. I love to play sports and watch movies. Video games are also one of my favorite things. I played Basketball and Football in high school which got me very much into sports. Other than that I just love to make people laugh and smile!

2) What is your favorite drink?
- Well I don't drink alcohol if that's what you mean haha but I love Lemonade! PINK lemonade preferably!

3) What kind of music do you prefer to listen?
- I listen to almost everything but I do prefer classical music and symphony music. I love how soothing it is! Also movie soundtracks haha.

4) It's a pride month. Do you support the LGBT community?
- I support anyone who wants to be happy in their life. I love the world and everyone in it. As long as you don't hate me for what I believe in or what my choices are, I will love you forever!

5) What is your favorite book?
- I hate reading! So sorry for that shock, haha, but I'm not a big reader. I'm gonna switch this to favorite movie cause that's what I love, haha. My favorite movie SO FAR has been "The Dark Knight". That movie inspired me so much to continue acting. I would do so many joker impressions and it just would make me so happy. I love that movie so much!

Photo credits: xRyanGutierrezx Twitter
Interview taken by Peter Dvant
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