1. What's your opinion about the wedding dresses? Do you think it's more interesting if they aren't white?
- Wedding dresses in my opinion, there are many view points that would be quite interesting to be discussed. Traditionally it is to symbolises purity and virginity on the women that is why the traditional colors for a wedding dress is white. But in other cultures such as the Chinese, the Indonesian, and the Africans their traditional wedding dresses or outfits are not white. The Chinese culture has the dominant color of red and gold to celebrate prosperity and wealth. The Indonesians have different traditional wear for weddings for different province , most of them consisting of the color gold too. This goes the same for he Africa culture for wedding tradition.

2. When you started to make accessories? What means the fashion about you?
- I started making my first accessory in the year 2005. Fashion in the world now is a very important part of our lives. It is part of our generation's culture. For me designing accessories have a very deep meaning. It helps me translate feelings and emotion that I cannot show into works of art.

3. If you have a chance to be designer to a big star, who will you choose?
- haha. That is a very easy question to answer. It would have to be my idol and my muse, the divine Ms Dita Von Teese. Which I have the pleasure of meeting several times in the last year. But there is another starlet that I would love to dress. She is has helped as a nurse in world war 2 and an incredible singer. She is the most inspiring Mrs Vera Lynn.

4. Most of the people think that the burqua is comfortable and fashionable... What do you think about it?
-ermm I am sorry but I am not familiar with the word 'burqua'.

5. Who is your favorite designer besides you?
- haha for a international fashion designer it would have to be terry Mugler and Alexander McQueen. For a local Indonesian fashion designer it is Anne Avantie. I have also admired the work of Phillip Tracy for a very long time.

6. I really like your fashion clothes for men, they are different and make human body fabulous. What do other people think about them?
- haha why thank you for your kind words. My style has only come about me in the last few years. I have always liked vintage, but can never find the right era to get into. I tried rock n roll style too emo style , from Victorian era too the futuristic millennium style. Finally I have found my style which is 20s-40s Dandy look with a touch of punk( the piercings and tattoos) People are sometimes confuse of what I am, my age , what my work is and what the meaning of me wearing all this is. Some people also think that I wear this to attract people's attention. But I wear what I wear for simple reasons. To respect people around me and to feel comfortable in my own skin.
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