четвъртък, 4 февруари 2016 г.

Nikolay Klisurov on his friendly trip in Europe

  - He wants high life, he has it! -  

It's time for relaxation and fun after the difficult session, that every student has. Nikolay Klisurov decided to go on a trip from Turkey to Austria. It seems he's having a good time in all of the cities he visits. He has some of his bffs on the trip, so when he returns back to Bulgaria, he can have so many stuff, he wants to share with his other friends and, of course, our magazine. We will interview the young model form Plovdiv after his voyage in one of the oldest continent in our planet. He shared so many photos on facebook, that your head can't even have a place to save them. Enjoy the funny moments of this amazing tour.


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