сряда, 3 февруари 2016 г.

Lady Gaga's tribute to David Bowie at The GRAMMYs on February 15

  - When it comes to music, bring Lady Gaga for an epic show. -  

Lady Gaga will sing a song of one of our favorite 80's artist David Bowie, with the musical direction of Chic's Nile Rodgers. Her tribute to the Golden singer mean a lot to her, because he was one of her inspiration to follow her dream to be a big pop star. Lady Gaga has a cover photo for her Disco Heaven Artwork Album, which reminds of David's one of his best known photos in the whole time, namely the lightning.

The world was so upset, when found out, that David was dead, but now it's been a month, since his death and people still remember and honor him. He will be one of the biggest artist in music history and every new singer will learn how to act on the scene from him and many other popular artist, as Lady Gaga also.


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