събота, 4 април 2015 г.

Znam Cover for April 2015

Say HELLO to the new issue of Znam Magazine. This part is all about the spring 2015 and the new fashion ideas for you. Learn more about the star Peter Dvant and his music, life and quotes.

Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Hilary Duff, Katherine McNamara, Paris Hilton, Galena and Alston Stephanus are the stars who are included in the april issue. Read the full magazine and check out for the new issues coming,,,.

Fashion Please presents two of our great models: Jolin Doncheva and Adrian Ayanski! Party Girls with Katherine McNamara again, literature of the issue - Nikola Vaptsarov and Fame Tips for singers!

Source: Peter Dvant & Bozhidar Alexandrov


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